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We, parents are the epitome of love, care and growth for our children. We all our excellent at parenthood, but unfortunately not skilled or well- equipped in all the other fields, which are essential for their holistic blooming. Thus we look for resources beyond our homes to enhance our children's already existing skill and passion. 

      I'm just another parent who racked my brain for those resources. I found many useful classes but at a distance which was infeasible and pocket unfriendly. In these busy times nobody has the time or patience to travel far off places. 

     Thus evolved the thought for a portal which would cater to the needs of the parents for their children within their own neighbourhood. Of course we couldn't do it all thus best was to compile a list of people who did conduct these workshop or classes in our area. The birth of Kidsopedia is this thought process. Kidsopedia, a website of directory for children classes or services, that are available in your area, which could make it more easier for the parents like us, to procure the information we crave for. 

     Thus we give an opportunity to all the people to list with us any service related to children 0 to 14 years of age with their pin codes on our website, thus making this information and services just a click away for one and for all.